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Welcome To Jal Nidhi Hydrogel
What is Jal Nidhi Pusa Hydrogel ?
Jal Nidhi Pusa Hydrogel is a super absorbent which swells and retains water up to approximately 350 times its dry weight of its networked structure. It is 100% biodegradable in soil after one year of application.
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How does it work ?
It acts like sponge and absorbs water which it release slowly to the crops to get a sustained supply of moisture as and when they need it.Water loss due to evaporation is significantly reduced.
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Where can it be used or applied ?
Since all plants required water pusa jal nidhi hydrogel can be used for all plants & crops. From farmers to local cardens. It benefits can be clearly seen in all forms of cultivation.
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How to use ?
Best results are noted when Jal Nidhi Pusa Hydrogel is applied at sowing time. It helps in better germination and root establishment.

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