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How to use ?

When to Apply?

Best results are noted when Jal Nidhi Pusa Hydrogel is applied during sowing time. It helps in better germination and root establishment.

Recommended Doses

General Recommendation: 1.5 kg per Acre

Special Recommendation: For sandy soil, use up to 2.5kg per acre. Apply the Pusa Hydrogel at a depth of 6 to 8 inches of soil. For clay soil, apply at a depth of 4 inches from the soil surface, preferably at the root zone.

Application Method:

For Field Crops:

Prepare the field for sowing.

Add 1.5 kg of the Hydrogel to 10kg of fine dry soil and mix properly.

The 11.5 kg mixture (Hydrogel +Soil) should be applied along with seeds /fertilizer.

For best results, the Pusa Hydrogel should be applied close to seeds.

In Nursery Bed for Transplants:

Apply 2 gm mix of Pusa Hydrogel in nursery bed uniformly for every sq. Meter. It should be placed at a depth of 2 inches of the nursery bed from the top.

While Transplanting:

Thoroughly mix 2 gms of Pusa Hydrogel in one litre of water to ensure a free flowing solution and allow it to settle for half an hour. Dip the roots of the transplanting plant in the solution and then transplant in the field.